Hunting Trap

Anyone can get into this trap but you have an advantage over your enemies – you can see Hunting Traps and they can’t. The gladiator that got into it loses his weapon and receives big one-time damage. The trap continue decreasing gladiator’s health until he gets out of it. If you get caught you need to tap it off to stop receiving damage. The Hunting trap can be activated only once.

Flame of Hades

There’re some fire traps that can spit lots of fire around the arena. You can activate them by pushing special buttons. These buttons can also be found on the ground. Try to push as when your enemy is passing over the trap. The victim gets damage during all the time while engulfed in fire. Burned victim loses his weapon as well. Your enemies see fire burning and try to avoid it. But you can use the same tactics as in the case with iron vortex. Try to make your enemies retreat backwards into the fire since they can’t see what’s happening behind them. There’re also two kinds of Hades Flame. The one that you should activate with the button and the one that is always active.

Iron Vortex

Iron Vortex is a mechanism with sharp rolling blades that cause big damage to anyone caught in it. Your enemies would see and try to avoid working iron vortex. But since they don’t have eyes on their backs, your chance is to push them backwards into the trap.. Everyone who gets into this trap loses his weapon. There’re two kinds of Iron Vortex: the one which you should activate with a button, and the one that is always active.

Bond of Rivals

You might see some gladiators standing around the arena and watching you fight. They’ll be glad to play part in what happening on the arena just to have fun. You need to lead your opponent to these guys and stun him. After doing that you’ll see a button (a skull in a web) appeared. Tap on it and your hero will push the opponent into gladiators’ hands. They’ll gladly hold him for you and during that time you’ll have an opportunity to do with your enemy everything you want. Your enemy will lose his weapon when gladiators catch him. Notice that you don’t have to stun a limping opponent. He is too weak to fight back and could be held without being first stunned.

Stakes Of Vengeance

Only thin and ordinary-sized enemies can be impaled. Your enemy should be abreast with you and Stakes Of Vengeance. Herewith he should be in close proximity to the trap. You need to stun the enemy or make him limp first. When these conditions are satisfied you’ll see a button with an impaled skull. Tap on it and your enemy would be killed immediately .
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