Badly nourished Gladiators

High speed and reaction are their key features. They are adept at dodging.

Run of the mill Gladiators

These gladiators don’t have any special abilities. They’re common fighters at every Roman Arena.

Well fed Gladiators

Those guys make a tireless enemy using every opportunity to attack. They can’t dodge your attacks but it would be rather difficult for you to smash their block. They often use their weight to knock you down and do makes unblockable strikes.


These monsters are the strongest gladiators with the most powerful strikes. They’re absolutely immune to pain. Their hits can’t be interrupted. The giants can unleash unblockable strikes, with the only way to avoid taking damage is to dodge at the right time.


Lions are ready to attack any gladiator, who comes up to close to them. The exceptions are big guys – well fed gladiators and giants. Lions don’t risk to attack them. When lion attacks, you won’t be able to block it. Your need to dodge the predator’s initial rush attack and strike back as lion collects itself after the miss! If lion manages to bring you down, you need to tap him off as quick as possible. The lion’s victim would waste a lot of energy (stamina) to fight. When the energy expires, lion kills his victim in a few moments https://www.lipcolorsense.com/p1/ .
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